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Quality service is our goal at Wohl Coatings. We strive to provide our customers with convenient quality service. This has made us a leader in the corrosion resistant coatings industry. We apply our experience to help you troubleshoot and identify the reason for a premature failure of a coating system in your plant or facility. We will provide you with a specific recommendations and costs for any coating project using Wohl Coating Products. We will guide you to the recommended material that will perform properly in your application.

We can make recommendations for just about any issue within your plant or facility. For specific scenarios, please send us photographs of overall and close ups images of the surface to be coated. We also need the operating temperatures and chemical exposure guidelines.

APPLICATION SHURBOND 500 CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Describes how to apply and use SB500 Crystal System. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Describes how to repair of commercial floor destroyed by acid attack. A four day turn around from not usable to first class factory floor. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 CRYSTAL SYSTEM DRIVEWAY REPAIR 103: Describes how to use of SB550 Adhesive and SB100 Polymer Patch. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 CRYSTAL SYSTEM DRIVEWAY REPAIR 101:  Describes how to use Wohl Water Based Single Pack Surface Coating. Download PDF
EXPANSION JOINTS WHY REPAIR: Describes how to repair driveways, concrete pads, and ramps and why they fail by water attach through expansion joints. Same solutions applies to commercial expansion joints. Download PDF
PROLONG THE LIFE OUR YOUR DRIVEWAY, RAMP OR PAD: Describes how to prolong the service live of concrete floors and driveways. Download PDF
GARAGE FLOOR REPAIR: Describes how to use of SB550 Adhesive, SB100 Polymer Patch and SB800 Water Based Finish. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 FLOOR REPAIR COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE: Describes how to repair of very old rail car facility floor. Demonstrates the multiple uses of SB500. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 DEMO FLYER: Describes how to use of SB500 to keep warehouse floors smooth for fork truck operation without the damage of items being transported and repair of commercial stairway by small contractor. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 PRODUCT DATA SHEET: Describes curing times and picture of general kit. Download PDF
SHURBOND 500 FLOOR SYSTEM APPLICATION PHOTOS: Describes the application of a typical SB500 Floor System, acid wash, followed by SB500 Epoxy Surface, Broadcast to Rejection, and final finish coat. Download PDF
WOHL INSULCOAT METAL SURFACE TEST:  Describes test results showing temperature reduction using Wohl Insulcoat on metal surface and the resulting 22% savings in heat transfer. Download PDF

Check with us to see if your state has approved the use of Wohl BB-110 Pile Paint for highway and road projects. They can be used on almost any surface for temporary or permanent corrosion protection.

Protect your pipes and other products with effective coatings from our coating manufacturer.

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